Welcome to the Robinson May Ball 2015 Application Site.

Please select the position you are interested in applying for.

It is a legal requirement for all workers to give us their National Insurance numbers and a photocopy of their passports (front cover and the picture page, and any visas you have). We also need to physically see the passport, so please make sure you bring these along to any interviews you have with us.

Please be aware that if you would need a work permit to work in the UK under any other circumstances, then you will need a work permit to work at our May Ball. However, if you have a student visa this may allow you to work a certain number of hours, so please check!


Musician, comedian, dance troupe, entertainer? Sign up for an audition slot here.

Half On/Half Off Worker

If you'd like to work for half the night in exchange for attending the Ball for the other half, sign up here.

Paid Worker

If you'd like to help us with our set-up and clear-up work and earn some money at the same time, sign up here.